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Custom Bending Irons

Though I produce a number of standard shapes for my bending irons it is important to note that my manufacturing methods facilitate the production of bespoke shapes which can be exactly what you want and to your specific requirements.  In its simplest form this requires you to order a custom bending iron in one of the standard sizes, 3″ (76mm) 4″ (101mm) 5″ (127mm) and 6″ (152mm) respectively. These are available in two lengths (heights) 150mm and 250mm.

To order one of these, you will need to place your order online for your required iron and then supply me with an image of the shape you require. In order to to this, first draw out a circle of the specific diameter using a pair of compasses or similar and then draw out your specific shape within it. Once you have done this, either scan your image or photograph it from directly above and send it to me following your order. Alternatively you could send me the paper copy of your shape through the post. I will scale this image to match the size of the iron you have ordered and make a template with which to produce your unique bending iron.

Click the button below to send me your custom iron shape.


some custom shapes I have produced in the past

It goes without saying that any custom/bespoke item is made to order and therefore not “in stock”, it will be made to order. I will contact you shortly after receiving your order with a predicted delivery date. Please to let me know if there is a particular urgency and I will attempt to produce your iron with priority.
If you want something that doesn’t fit within these “standard” custom iron frameworks, please do contact me and I shall be happy to contact you with a quote for your special order.

The same custom options are available for any of my tools, if what is listed does not align with your requirements please let me know and I will give you a quote and availability time for the tools you require.

Likewise if there is something you think I could make which is not listed on my site, please let me know and I will see if I can make it for you, either as a one off or as a new line!

For any custom requests or ideas please click the button bellow to contact me.

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