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Electrical Safety Standards

My bending irons comply with all UK safety and electrical regulations: BS 7671, 2006/42/EC, 2006/95/EC, EN ISO 12100:210. British electrical regulations are amongst the most stringent and safest in the world, but to accommodate the variation in standards between different countries, I can tailor equipment manufacture to comply with the standards relevant to you.

Electrical Safety - Earthing
All bending irons are Class I equipment: to work safely the chassis must be earthed or grounded. This applies to all countries.

UK Models: Bending irons shipped to UK addresses will be supplied with a 3 pin (type G) plug for 230V use, fitted with an appropriately rated fuse. For 110V use, the iron will be supplied with a CEE 2P+E plug, fused appropriately, the fuse and holder mounted within the bending iron body.

EU Models: Bending irons supplied to addresses in the EU will be supplied with a Type F plug; these plugs are not fused, therefore a fuse holder and a suitably rated fuse will be fitted to the bending iron body.

USA Models: In the USA an iron must be fitted with a type B plug with an earth (ground).

I will endeavour to supply irons with an appropriate plug or an approved adapter. Some of these are not readily available in the UK. Where this is the case, I will supply the iron without a plug and you may have to source this locally.
Because wiring colours and standards vary in countries outside the EU, wiring instructions for the flex will be included. In the UK we use the EU colour scheme for cables:
Brown - Live;
Blue - Neutral,
Green and Yellow - Earth (Ground)

Whenever a bending iron is supplied without a plug, or with an unfused plug, a fuse holder will be fitted to the iron body.
The voltage of my irons are nominally 230V and 110V. The 230V has an operational range of 220-240V; the 110V, 100-120v. Together these cover the power supplies found throughout the world. They will operate satisfactorily on all common supply frequencies, from 50-400Hz.
If you require an iron supplied with something different or non-standard, please add a message at the checkout in the "order notes" box. If you require any advice before ordering, please contact me and I will try to provide you with the best solution.
There is further information on the bending iron instructions.

UK Plug Type G
UK 110v 2P+E
Type F plug (Type E compatible) .jpg
US Type B.jpeg
UK Plug_flex wiring colours.webp

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