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These clamps are ubiquitous for both manufacture and repair of many stringed instruments, used to attach the front and back to the sides/ribs. They are made in beach with zinc plated metalwork and corked on contact surfaces to prevent marks.
More information below.

Bobbin/Closing Clamps

  • The “bobbins” of these bobbin/closing clamps are turned from Beach with the metal parts from zinc plated steel and a stainless steel washer. They are available in various lengths depending on the instrument and requirements. There are plastic sleeves top and bottom to prevent marking on the workpiece from the threads. The top and bottom bobbins are covered in cork to help with grip and prevent marking of the workpiece.
    These are useful both in repair and manufacture. They can be used on an instrument to hold it together or to hold components to a solera or building board or mould.
    Depending on the size of instrument you are working on, you are going to need a few… so they are priced reasonably and there is a discount for buying multiples of 6.
    If the sizes listed fall outside your requirements, please do contact me and I will be happy to quote you for some bespoke clamps that will meet your needs.

    If you have any questions about this or any other products please feel free to contact me.

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