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Versatile long reach clamps available in 4 lengths. Each has and adjustable anvil and levelling screw/jack. Constructed from light weight aluminium and TIG welded.
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Long Reach/Sound-hole Clamps

  • Used extensively for repairs and for bridge clamping this type of clamp is designed for incretion through the sound hole, but they are a lot more versatile than that. I personally use them for the clamping of soundboard braces and back braces on Soleras and on radius boards as well as for clamping upright braces and reinforcements to ribs/sides; I find them more versatile and precise than using weights or go-bars. The only limit to where you can use them effectively is your imagination!
    They are constructed from aluminium to keep the weight low and TIG welded for strength and to minimise distortion during construction. All three screws are 5mm stainless steel and have a “swivel” aluminium contact pad to reduce marking and allow for shaped surfaces. The anvil (or lower screw) has a screwdriver slot for adjustment which facilitates the lower surface to be “flush” allowing assembled work to sit on a bench on the clamp bodies so that it stands flat and doesn’t “jiggle” about. The main clamp and levelling screw are fitted with Knurled aluminium knobs for tightening and adjustment.
    These clamps are available at a discount if bought in pairs.
    If the sizes listed fall outside your requirements, please do contact me and I will be happy to quote you for some bespoke clamps that will meet your needs.

    If you have any questions about this or any other products

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