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A small and cost effective bending iron ideal for producing the sides for Ukuleles and other smaller projects.
This one is shaped and measures 38mm x 34mm and 90mm in length.
Available 240v or 110v both 200watt.
More information below.

Ukulele Bending Iron

  • Over the years I have become aware that there is a significant community of amateur ukulele makers. As many of these makers are hobbyists and some really only set out to make one instrument for themselves, an expensive bending iron is not on their “must have” list. Often a makeshift tool involving pipe, blowlamps and hot air guns is employed. Not only can this sort of thing compromise safety, but it can also make the production of the instrument difficult, especially for the inexperienced maker; with little or no control over temperature and possible hot spots on the iron. I have therefore risen to the challenge and this is my attempt to produce and inexpensive Iron, safe and capable for making a uke and for many other small projects (such as the odd heart shaped jewellery box).
    The iron itself is made from a solid billet of aluminium, fitted with a 200watt heater and an analogue thermostat. It is mounted on a fabricated aluminium base which is TIG welded. This is in turn mounted on a sturdy base produced from 18mm birch ply.
    The iron is a simple shaped in order to make it a little easier to produce the necessary curves; I do also make one which is cylindrical in shape, which is a little cheaper but may prove a little more difficult to use.

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