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Bending strap available in two sizes, constructed from 0.2mm thick spring steel, brass and stainless steel.
violin size is 50mm wide and 300mm working length.

Violin/Ukulele Bending Strap

12 days
  • Considered by many to be essential for the forming/bending of sides or ribs for stringed instruments of all types. I make these in two sizes, violin 50mm x 300mm and guitar cello 120mm x 500mm. The business part is made from 0.2mm spring tempered carbon steel, blued to help it resist rust and staining. This “blade” is attached to brass finials, in a traditional manner, by copper rivets which in turn provide the anchor for the handles produced in 5mm diameter stainless steel.

    If you have any questions about this or any other products please feel free to contact me.

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