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Caramillo make products so you can make yours.

Hand crafted bespoke tools and instruments.
Our tools are made with the same individuality and care that you use to make your instruments.

What we've got

Bending irons

All kinds for all instruments - including custom shapes.


Specialist clamps

All your needs for holding and assembling your work.


Truss Rods

All kinds for all applications including custom lengths.

Charles Galloway

"I bought my bending iron from you several years ago and it's still going strong. Would recommend."

Phil Conway

Same as Charles Galloway, I too purchased a bending iron from you (one of your last, I’d guess) and it’s excellent. Would also recommend. And if you decide to come back to it, would you make bending straps too? I need a couple… 


Pat Foster April 17, 2023

An excellent, high quality tool. The curves are just right for the classical guitars I build.
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